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Leah Faye's Boutique

Fairbury, IL


Our Story

Leah Faye's Boutique

Leah Faye's Boutique is named after the owner's granddaughter.  She wanted a fun, cute boutique that kids would love and so would parents.

Originally, a store with children's toys, clothing and pet products was the dream. But it has evolved to include parents and grandparents.  And not your average parent or grandparent.  The Mom that is quirky and artsy: the Dad that tells the Dad jokes: the crazy cat lady aunt; the biker know the FUN ones! A small tanning salon is located in the back of the boutique. Summer items are carried year round. (We heard our customers say that it's hard to find summer clothing for a Florida vacation in January in Illinois.... well, not anymore.)

Leah Fayes's is a unique, rustic boutique for the entire family. We have gifts for ages 0-99.  If you are 100 or older, you have everything you need already, including longevity and Luck!

Everyone wants to get in touch with their inner child and we are here to help! Fun, humorous gifts and more! Modern, cute Mom gifts, and always something for grandma and grandpa!

And did we mention that we have a small tanning salon in the back of the store with 2 lay down tanning beds?  Get your tan while they shop!

Come shop with us.  Smile, laugh, and then grab a bite to eat down the street and enjoy our quaint little town.  Quiet, peaceful, and unique shopping experience with bargains in every store in Fairbury, IL.

Leah Faye's Boutique

Tanning Salon with 2 lay down beds in the back of the store.  Stop in today and sign up for individual tanning sessions or monthly tanning package.

Why Choose us


Affordable!  Our prices are great.  You won't have to look long to find bargains!


We carry quality items and products.


Fun, artsy, quirky designs can be found throughout our boutique.

While purchasing items on my last visit, Sarah showed me other items I might be interested in purchasing.  I returned to purchase those items on this visit.
D. Towne

It's a fabulous store and the people are amazing. Will definitely be back to browse some more.

D. Hamilton

Love your store.  Hope you do well.